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Clothing company refuses order for Cville Pride Festival hats Legacy Athletic refused to fulfill an order for Cville Pride Festival hats inscribed with the motto, “Y’all Means All.” The Charlottesville Pride Community Network says a Pennsylvania manufacturer is refusing to print hats featuring the pride network’s theme for the upcoming Cville Pride Festival. According to Cville Pride, as it’s informally known, the Hanover, Pennsylvania-based Legacy Athletic refused to fulfill an order for hats inscribed with the motto, “Y’all Means All.” The hats were to be used at this year’s pride festival, scheduled for Sept. 16. Cville Pride originally reached out to Red Star Merchandise to print the hats, as the company has been the network’s primary vendor for years. When Red Star tried to outsource the order to Legacy Athletic, Legacy replied that it “would not be able to produce” the order. “While Legacy does offer custom logos, we also carefully nurture and protect our brand,” the company said in an email. “One of the ways we keep a positive connotation to the brand is by avoiding doing any products with custom logos that might be deemed as controversial, political, offensive, etc.” According to the reply, Legacy neither supported nor opposed Cville Pride, but found that the hat designs constituted “political activism.” “The reality is that in light of recent events in Charlottesville as well as the fact Gay Pride events are political activism; we respectfully decline this order,” the reply stated. “Again, I hope you can understand our position.” In a statement sent to The Daily Progress on Thursday afternoon, a spokesperson for Legacy reasserted the company’s position that the decision was based on branding. “We want to emphasize Legacy is neither anti-gay nor discriminatory in any way,” the statement read. “Nothing could be further from the truth.” The spokesperson said that the company was primarily a “college and resort apparel brand,” and that its guidelines and policies ensured that “we stay committed to our core customer base of college and resort apparel.” “As a company, our policy is to not เสื้อคู่รัก สวย ๆ take orders that might be deemed controversial or political in nature,” the statement said. “That doesn’t mean we agree or disagree with the organization’s mission, but that we simply want to remain neutral in all situations.” Cville Pride’s posting expressed disappointment with Legacy’s decision, noting that it was representative of the ways in which expressions of support for equality and pride in the LGBTQ community remain “at risk of facing rejection and denigration.” Red Star Merchandise also weighed in on the matter, writing to Cville Pride that it shared the network’s disappointment with Legacy’s decision.

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